The net knot is divided into two kinds of slipknot and knot, the knot is divided into single and double knot knot as shown in Figure two:


Weaving the left hand thumb and index finger pinch the upper edge of the ruler, the right hand with a shuttle, the shuttle on the line inside the plate near the top of the coil near the top of the left hand thumb to press the foot board and shuttle press, left hand thumb Live shuttle, the right index finger on the tip of the shuttle, from the left hand ring finger and little finger between the outside of the shuttle, inward and out of the shuttle and around the shuttle outside the spin, the shuttle rotation set in the index finger and On the tip, then the right hand on the pick, the index finger to expand the angle with the tip, with the shuttle through the coil on any of the turns, and then use the index finger pinch the shuttle to the shuttle through the line, the right hand with a shuttle Fall, then the coil of the line was pulled to a certain position, the ruler along the top to the top of the line, with the left hand thumb and index finger pinch the shuttle and feet, loosen the hook on the left hand thumb, Right hand shuttle down. So that the first dead knot even if completed, repeat, until we finish all the above turns.

After finishing all the turns, do not remove the ruler, the remaining 10 meters bus to another shuttle, the bus line to the top of the first line, and then to the top of the first mesh, the shuttle Line and bus around the ruler of the Department into a knot, and then tied into a knotted knot, so that the first half of the half of the mesh even if the finished woven (each circle is half a mesh, two laps to be woven a mesh)
Raw eye
Health eye refers to the fishing net on the eye, so that the fishing net area gradually increased.


Modern weaving machine is woven with no eye fishing net, so the identification of the machine network and manual network is the key to see if there is no eye, the other because the mechanism is cut out with the mesh, so the network has access There are three forms of common nets in the fishing net. Every three eyes are born with one eye, and every two eyes are born, and there is no one in the past. Big difference, that is, after finishing a knot not to weave a knot, but then around a week in the above weaving the net knot to play a double knot, after each knot is the case, until we finished a whole Circle, which is called “life” and to the “second life” when every eye is a eye, and so on, need to pay attention to the eye and raw eye is relative to the upper and lower, if there is dislocation phenomenon that regeneration Eyes most or a few. Raw eye is a very critical part, be sure to keep in mind the location of raw eye and raw eye of the time, and even many old fishermen have committed a similar mistake, a fish nets hard work for a long time to find the wrong eyes or Forget the raw eye, in the end had to use the scissors all cut the wrong part.
According to the specifications of the ruler, each life has a fixed size, calculate the size of each biology, you can calculate the size of the fishing nets to 2CM ruler as an example to calculate the length of each mesh is 4cm, and each The lifetime fishing net contains 3.5 mesh (calculated as a three-eye) to draw the length of each fishing net is 14
CM, if you want to shop about 3M long fishing net, then you need at least 20 raw fishing nets (net pocket part of the need for at least 80CM length)

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