The cable selection is the key link of the weaving network, which determines the speed of the fishing net, the degree of durability, and fishing efficiency.

The choice of the network, the ancient society most people use hemp weaving nets, and later gradually with cotton spinning thread weaving, fishing efficiency has improved, modern people know the development of oil and extracted from the polymer, nylon, polyester , The use of polypropylene wire, polyethylene single wire greatly improved the strength of the network cable and anti-aging properties, and its excellent dehydration performance to shorten the fishing nets into the water time, fishing net is a new material revolution. Now most of the fishing net use this type of cable.

Wire diameter of the choice, we all know the thickness of the cable directly determine the weight of the fishing net and into the water speed, and the weight and water speed has a direct impact on the use of efficiency and fishing rate, so our fishing nets will have such a problem, thick fishing net is very strong and durable , But the water is slow, catch the fish naturally less than the fine line nets, and with fine lines and often easy to break the line, must be careful to use and often repair. Here we introduce you to a new line selection method, That is, in the preparation of the entire fishing network in the process of selection of different types of cable, in the whole process of the use of nets, fishing nets different parts of the degree of wear is different, like the nets of the nets, (the top down 1.5 meters) Is rarely damaged, and 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters away from the fishing net is often due to branches, reeds and other hook, so more easily damaged, and like the net pocket part (below the fork line) is often affected by the collision of big fish, The bottom of the bones, roots, fishing net lead fall collision scratch and serious damage.We according to this situation, the top part of the use of four or six shares of nylon multifilament wire mesh, and in the middle part of the use of eight or ten shares of nylon Multifilament Line at the bottom of the ten shares using the above high-grade nylon thread (inside vehicle tires is very good). Select the cable should also follow the rules of the mesh size to be adjusted accordingly.

Fish in the water field of vision is very open, bright fishing net color will be far away from the distance for the stimulation, so when you choose the network cable should avoid the red yellow orange purple and other bright colors, it is best to use black and white and other colors.

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