Nylon Braided Sardine Fishing NetsPolyamide 6 (nylon) fiber China brand name. Nylon 6. Aliphatic polyamide fiber of the main varieties of polyamide fiber is divided into two categories: a class is composed of Omega amino acid or a lactam polymerization of polymers, such as nylon; another is by diamine and dicarboxylic acid condensation polymers such as polyamide 66 (PA66).
Nylon 66 is the melting point of 255 to 260 DEG C, the softening point of about 220 DEG C; nylon melting point of 215 to 220 DEG C, the softening point of about 180 DEG C. Both the same density (1.14 g / cm 3), other properties are also similar, such as high strength, good resilience, abrasion resistance in the textile fiber highest resistance multiple deformation and fatigue resistance to polyester and higher than that of other chemical fiber, has good moisture absorption, can with acid dyes and dye direct dye. Their main drawback is the poor performance of light and heat, lower initial modulus. Add light agent and stabilizer in polymer can improve its resistance and heat resistance of Fructus malvae. Nylon is very versatile and filaments can be making socks, underwear, shirts, sweatshirts, ski jacket, raincoat, short fiber and cotton, wool and viscose fiber blended, the blended fabric has good wear resistance and strength. Can also be used as a nylon hasp, carpets, fabrics and other; in industry is mainly used for manufacturing the curtain cloth, a conveyor belt, fishing nets, ropes, sails,.

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01Jan 2016

ChaoHu Running Water Fishing Net & Tackle Co,.Ltd is located in huailin town , Chaohu , Hefei , Anhui Province , China , founded in 1990 , Early mainly engaged in fishing nets processing. To building a modern factory , from 2000 , we invested in purchasing a series of mechanical equipment , recruiting professional and experienced […]