Different nets, raw material cost prices vary greatly, the highest price which the nylon mesh. It is possible to correctly

distinguish between the various nylon mesh, and determine whether to buy nylon mesh becomes very important.
Nylon mesh can be divided into: nylon monofilament net, nylon multifilament net,nylon multimonofilament net.


the nylon monofilament net relatively easy to distinguish, the common fishing line is a kind of nylon monofilament. Nylon

mesh knotted at single double knot, when monofilament approaching flames, slow-burning melting side edge, there are amides

odor, ash brown glass sphere.
Nylon multifilament fishing net is difficult to distinguish ,very easy to confused with polyester and polypropylene fishing

net. but has merit that mesh can get back through the finger stretching, nylon multifilament weight is less than polyester

net, moderate softness of its mesh .polypropylene mesh relatively more softer. Secondly, by figuring combustion, post-

combustion black polyester mesh glass ball fitted with Dacron taste, polypropylene then burned the irregular black lumps.

Nylon multimonofilament net looks like a single nylon monofilament net, its lines are made of nylon monofilament composed

of several roots. Nylon multifilament and monofilament is quite different, multifilament fine can not divide shares, while

thicker filaments.

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