183703Fishing nets, fishing with nets. Fishing special tools structural materials. Processing more than 99% synthetic fibers. There are modified nylon 6 or nylon monofilament, multifilament monofilament or multifilament, can also be used as polyethylene, polyester, polyvinylidene chloride and other fibers. There are many effects of fishing nets.

Fisherman, fishing also. As the name suggests is fishing with a fishing net net, plus the ancient people use coarse hemp as a raw material, made by the method of nets bundle volume. Although this fishery Netease decay, toughness poor, but their fishing efficiency has been greatly improved. With the development of fishing, hunting and fishing are not just for the fish, fishing tools times. Modern nets mainly polyethylene, nylon and other raw materials for processing. It has a longer life cycle, and higher efficiency of fishing, are classified by the use of different ways. For example, the traditional fishing using cast nets (hand nets, hand cast net), the use of trawl vessels as the driving force, different mesh hanging trapped fish gill gillnet (triple net, fence) and the like. These network for different fishing objects, using different mesh sizes, as well as cable woven from different materials. At the same time as the development of fishing nets, all kinds of fishing equipment also will be produced, for example, as a common fishing tools, fishing cage, square net.

Fishing and farming tools as a capture if there are more uses, such as fowler with the sticky net, fence aquaculture, breeding boxes. In farming, the “net” has been widely used, and more use as a disposable tool. For example, the Dutch flower planting. In security and sports, “nets” of more versatile. In sports, the most typical example is our well-known tennis, as the name suggests. Security aspects, such as construction sites protection net, lift the protective net. It is understood that foreign company providing a range of large warehouse safety net programs. To protect workers, but also increase the handling efficiency. In short, the nets in the tradition of its ancient use, while in agriculture, sports, security, etc. who also played a broader role.

Fishery production of nets, there trawl, seine, nets, set nets and cages and so on. Trawl and seine fishing using marine heavy nets. Mesh size of 2.5 to 5 cm, net rope diameter of about 2 mm, net weighing several tons or even tens of tons, usually split a pair of tugs pulling fish or hunt and encircled by a light boat to lure the fish concentrate. Net of rivers and lakes with fishing net with light. Mesh size of 1 to 3 cm, net rope diameter of about 0.8 mm, net weight of several kilograms. Set nets and cages of lakes and reservoirs or bay farmed fixed nets. Size specifications differ depending on the type of fish, the fish in certain waters around the cut in breeding not to flee.

The raw materials are mainly woven nets of 15 to 36 shares 210 denier nylon (nylon), polyester and 380 denier multifilament polyethylene multifilament. Weaving methods are knotting method, twist and warp twist Law Act.

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