84The line should have the physical and fishing net wire type according to the material used in the production line can be divided into two categories of plant fiber cable and synthetic fiber cable.

The net line degree of thickness. It is the main indicator of the fishing net. The net line degree of thickness. Chinese usually in diameter or structure number said fishing line diameter, usually expressed by Retex international roughness of the fishing line.

According to the structure of the fishing line can be divided into monofilament, twisting and weaving lines three categories.

Refers to the diameter of a single filament 0.1-1.5 mm, such as nylon monofilament and braided wire is suitable for fishing nets.
Single twist (a): 1, 2, 3 monofilament fiber;; single yarn
(b) second line: 1, 2, single fiber; yarn (Z or S; 3, single twist twist) (S or Z twist)
(c) 8 strands of core series (parallel to each other): 1, line core (2 single yarn); 2, unit (3 single yarn)
(d) 8 strands (1 strands of 1, XX for the length of the pitch of the 4 flower segments)
(E) 16 strands (2 strands of 2, XX for the length of the pitch of the 8 Flower segments)

A thread is a thread that is made of 2, 3, or 4 strands of thread. But a single ply yarn twisting, twisting line and composite type. For example, in the single twist of single yarn, single ply yarn twisting line, the second line of composite twisting. The single also called single twisting. If the number of single yarn or filament together after a twisting into products. Therefore, it is very easy to retreat, use less in the fishery. And second twist line, also known as double track, which is the number of single yarn or filament with a twisted together into the stock line, and then a plurality of strands (usually 3) as opposed to twist to twist and products. Can synthetic yarns adopt this structure as the main line, so all kinds of fishing gear. The composite is twisting a plurality of (3 or 4) to the opposite bias ply yarn line and twisted products.
Braided wire
Braided silk mainly by a plurality of even strands (such as 6, 8, 12, 16), paired or single double with cross interspersed with the preparation or into the line, so in the central line cable core as the core line and wireless core for coreless braided wire.

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