01Jan 2016

ChaoHu Running Water Fishing Net & Tackle Co,.Ltd is located in huailin town ,¬†Chaohu , Hefei , Anhui Province , China , founded in 1990 , Early mainly engaged in fishing nets processing. To building a modern factory , from 2000 , we invested in purchasing a series of mechanical equipment ,¬†recruiting professional and experienced […]

01Jan 2016

Fishing nets, fishing with nets. Fishing special tools structural materials. Processing more than 99% synthetic fibers. There are modified nylon 6 or nylon monofilament, multifilament monofilament or multifilament, can also be used as polyethylene, polyester, polyvinylidene chloride and other fibers. There are many effects of fishing nets. Fisherman, fishing also. As the name suggests is […]

07Jan 2016

Different nets, raw material cost prices vary greatly, the highest price which the nylon mesh. It is possible to correctly distinguish between the various nylon mesh, and determine whether to buy nylon mesh becomes very important. Nylon mesh can be divided into: nylon monofilament net, nylon multifilament net,nylon multimonofilament net.   the nylon monofilament net […]

26Jul 2016

The line should have the physical and fishing net wire type according to the material used in the production line can be divided into two categories of plant fiber cable and synthetic fiber cable. The net line degree of thickness. It is the main indicator of the fishing net. The net line degree of thickness. […]

07Aug 2016

Polyamide 6 (nylon) fiber China brand name. Nylon 6. Aliphatic polyamide fiber of the main varieties of polyamide fiber is divided into two categories: a class is composed of Omega amino acid or a lactam polymerization of polymers, such as nylon; another is by diamine and dicarboxylic acid condensation polymers such as polyamide 66 (PA66). […]